How to Scale Design and User Research Operations 

Talking to your users is core to building a product they love.

But how do you roll out an effective user research process that can flex and grow with your team? How can customer-centric processes and design systems help product designers when working in a decentralized organization?

Find out how Product Design Leader Brian Verhoeven navigates these challenges to scale research and design within enterprise companies.

Discover Key Takeaways

🌟 What “scaling design” actually looks like in practice
🌟 How to maintain design quality across multiple squads 
🌟 Assessing skill sets and identifying UX gaps
🌟 The importance of building a critique culture
🌟 Strategies you can use to improve your own team’s output in 2024

Speaker Spotlight

Brian Verhoeven


Brian Verhoeven is a design leader known for his expertise in elevating design's role within complex organizational structures.

As the Head of Design at Morningstar, Brian played a pivotal role in transforming the company's approach to product design, unifying multiple legacy products into a cohesive Wealth Platform while enhancing the customer-centric approach the team followed. His leadership extended beyond Morningstar Investment Management to include significant contributions to Morningstar's design system, and direct-to-consumer products, further showcasing his versatility and breadth of impact. Under his guidance, the design team at Morningstar evolved to become more customer-focused, integrating design activity into Agile methodologies and improving the overall customer experience. This transformation was marked by the launch of innovative products like the direct indexing pilot, which achieved best-in-class usability scores.

Brian is an advocate for nurturing talent and ensuring team members grow their skills and advance in their careers. 

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Prayag Narula

Prayag Narula, HeyMarvin

Prayag Narula is an entrepreneur and trained researcher who is dedicated to building the technology he always wished he had when conducting user research.

He is the co-founder and CEO of HeyMarvin, a qualitative user research platform & research repository that elevates the voice of your customers so you design exactly what they need. Marvin is one of the first UX platforms built using advanced AI.

Previously, Prayag cofounded and led LeadGenius, a venture-backed company that helps B2B sales and marketing teams save time and deliver on their revenue goals. 

Prayag studied at the UC Berkeley School of Information, and he is the published author of over a dozen research papers in the field of HCI, User Centered Design, Artificial Intelligence, Crowdsourcing, and Computer Networks.



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