Designing the Future:
AI's Impact on Research & UX Workflows

As Figma’s Head of Insights, Andrew Hogan spends a lot of time thinking about the ways people use AI today — and how we might use it in a few years. 

He has a front row seat as UX teams navigate the new technology while building their own AI products. And he’s spent years analyzing the industry.

Join us to hear his advice on how to embrace the rapid pace of change. 

Discover Key Takeaways

🌟 Learn the latest AI trends based on new Figma research
🌟 The core design and research skills that will always be vital
🌟 How AI shapes design processes and could make it easier to collaborate
🌟 And on the flip side, how designers make an impact on AI

Speaker Spotlight

Andrew Hogan


Andrew Hogan leads insights at Figma, where he researches design and digital products and shapes company thinking. You can watch his FigBrew and Redesigning Industries interviews on YouTube, read more of his analysis on the Figma blog, Shortcut, and even subject yourself to his attempts at “thought leadership” on Linkedin.

Previously, Andrew spent seven years at Forrester, a leading research firm, analyzing the intersection of design and tech.

Andrew has authored/co-authored more than 50 Forrester reports about design, UX, CX and the design industry. He also created CX certification training modules on journey mapping and data/AI + design.

He loves anecdotes, anecdata and data. 


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Prayag Narula

Prayag Narula, HeyMarvin

Prayag Narula is an entrepreneur and trained researcher who is dedicated to building the technology he always wished he had when conducting user research.

Prayag is the co-founder and CEO of HeyMarvin, a qualitative user research platform & research repository that elevates the voice of your customers so you design exactly what they need. Marvin is one of the first UX platforms built using advanced AI.

Previously, Prayag cofounded and led LeadGenius, a venture-backed company that helps B2B sales and marketing teams save time and deliver on their revenue goals. 

Prayag studied at the UC Berkeley School of Information, and he is the published author of over a dozen research papers.


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